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Zeitschrift für Unterwasserarchäologie
hrsg. v. Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterwasserarchäologie (DEGUWA)
14. Jahrgang, 2014, Supplementband

ISSN 1436-3372
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  • Vorwort
  • Robert Yorke, The United Kingdom and the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001
  • Andrew Viduka, A National Perspective of Underwater Cultural Heritage Management in Australia
  • Beat Eberschweiler, Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps. The (successful) UNESCO World Heritage candidature
  • Miran Eric - Sašo Poglajen, Seriously endangered maritime underwater heritage in Slovenia. Management options
  • Vicente Benitez-Cabrera - Antonio Becerra-Bolaños - Michel Jorge-Millares, Underwater Virtual Maritime Museum in Canary Islands
  • José Manuel Matés Luque, ‘Ask not what underwater heritage can do for you, ask what you can do for underwater heritage’. A view from Biscay (Basque Country, Spain)
  • Hanz Günter Martin - Peter Winterstein, Chances and limits of a NGO in underwater cultural management. Twenty years of DEGUWA
  • Jennifer A. Rodrigues - Vicki L. Richards, Strategies for managing Australia’s private shipwreck collections. A retrospective view
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov - Sergey Olkhovskij, Port Structures of Roman Times in Phanagoria
  • Jorgen Johannessen, In Dire Straits. Archaeology of fear and anxiety in Skjernoysund in Southern Norway
  • Maria Costanza Lentini - David Blackman, The conservation of ancient dockyard sites
  • Karla Gusar - Mate Parica, Some possible examples of presentation of archaeological finds recovered from rescue underwater excavations in Croatia
  • Massimo Capulli - Alessandro Pellegrini - Arianna Traviglia - Riccardo Rizzotto, Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA) in underwater environments. A case study from the Lagoon of Venice
  • Hanna Steyne Chamberlin, Heritage Management Nirvana. Combining outreach, research and conservation in the management of historic shipwrecks      in Victoria, Australia
  • Anita Jelic, The conservation and restoration of underwater archaeological finds from the Murter-Mijoka site
  • Antonija Josic, Finds from the Szent Istvan shipwreck. Their conservation and restoration


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