Skyllis. 15.Jg. 2015, Vol.1

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Journal for maritime and limnic archaeology and cultural history
hrsg. v. Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterwasserarchäologie (DEGUWA)
15 th year, 2015, Vol. 1
ISSN 1436-3372

108 p., many figs.



  • Vorwort
  • Garry Momber - Sara Rich, Postglacial human dispersal across the north-west European landscape
  • Laura Sanna, Submerged Landscapes in the Marine Cave of Bergeggi
  • Alexander Fantalkin - Oren Tal, When the River Meets the Sea
  • Marta Bajtler, Underwater finds from Risan in Montenegro
  • M.P. Jézégou - P. A. Goodfellow - J. Letuppe - C. Sanchez, Underwater Construction and Maintenance
  • Shelley Wachsmann, "Rafts by sea to Jaffa" (2 Chronicles 2, 16)
  • Massimo Capulli, Arcaeological Landscape of teh Venice Lagoon
  • Ana Crespo Solana, Wood Resource, Shipbuilding and Social Environment
  • Koldo Trápaga Monchet - António Santos, Forestry and timber supply in the royal forests of the Iberian Peninsula through the 16th century
  • Vesna Zmaic Kralj, Craft products of Nuremberg from the Mijoka shipwreck (Croatia)
  • Vladimir Romanovich Chepelev, Zwei Zaren-Boote auf den Ladoga Kanälen
  • Nili Liphschitz, Common Ash as hull construction timber for shipwrecks an ships in Central and East Mediterranean
  • Nili Liphschitz, Oriental Beech as hull construction timber for shipwrecks and ships
  • Das Bücherbrett

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