Karin de la Roi-Frey • Von der Rems zum Golden Gate

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Karin de la Roi-Frey
Von der Rems zum Golden Gate
Auswanderer aus dem Rems-Murr-Kreis
ISBN 978-3-86705-029-6
89 p., fig.

Many emigrants stories began in today Rems-Murr-Kreis, from where people went boldly and confidently into a new home . 
Reasons for this were many : economic distress, fleeing the Hohenasperg , love of foreign country , religious homelessness,
too many co-heirs or a husband, whom the woman had to follow. 
The " Golden Gate " is thereby synonymous for hope and happiness.
Not for all of the presented persons, representing the period of almost three hundred years of emigration history,
 the way has been a success. They landed on a South American slave market, fell into distress, 
died soon after arrival or vanished in nothingness. 
Others wanted nothing more than to return to their homeland and did not make it . 
But others took it to wealth and prestige.

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