Karl-Dietrich Adam • Die Abstammung des Menschen

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Karl-Dietrich Adam
Die Abstammung des Menschen
Schopenhauer als verkannter Wegbereiter Darwins
ISBN 978-3-86705-062-3
117 p., 6 figs.


"... that we would have to think of ourselves as first born born in Asia from the Pongo and in Africa from the chimpanzee ..."

In his book „On the Origin of Species“ Charles Robert Darwin published in mid of the nineteenth century the first studies on the theory of evolution. This theory, connected with his name, though in many various ways repeatedly reworked and modified, still today dominates the very broad field of biology in research and teaching.
However at the same time there were published important detailed phylogenetic considerations by Arthur Schopenhauer, especially in his two volumes „Parerga und Paralipomena“, but these received scarcely ever a recognition in science and in arts. To remedy this grievance is the leading motive of the recent essay.




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