Karl D. Adam • Homo steinheimensis

Karl D. Adam • Homo steinheimensis

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Karl Dietrich Adam
Der Fund des Urmenschen von Steinheim an der Murr vor 75 Jahren

- Ein Markstein in der Geschichte der Menschheit
ISBN 978-3-86705-053-1
(2009) 150 p., 3 pl., 72 figs., 3 Tab.


Beginning and end of an unprecedented scientific career is the discovery of the skull of the "Steinheimer Urmensch".
As a high school student, the author heard about the discovery and then visited the excavation by bicycle.

Many years later, as a recognized geologist and paleontologist, the circle closes with the theme of his farewell lecture, after 114 semesters !! of uninterrupted teaching activity

The summary of the research and research history and scientific theories is now available in the usual perfectly written form.

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