Helga Greiner (Hrsg.) • Aus deutschen Lesebüchern der Jahre 1847-1928

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Helga Greiner (Hrsg)
Aus deutschen Lesebüchern der Jahre 1847-1928.
Als wir in die Schule gingen, Bd. 3

ISBN 978-3-86705-058-6
ISSN 1619-3636
353 p., 53 figs.

This selection of 140 texts from twenty reading books by our grandparents and great-grandparents provides you with cheerful, contemplative, 
thought-provoking and interesting information. They tell about town and country, about nature and the animal world as well as about craft life, 
business studies, inventions and travel. But they also entertain with fairy tales, anecdotes and poems.

- Fly over Lake Constance in the first zeppelin.
- Experience the construction of the first Gotthard tunnel.
- Read what the wish ring is all about.
- Meet tailors, brush-makers, original makers and toy manufacturers, to name just a few topics.

The book is a reading experience for young and old.


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