Skyllis. 16.Jg. 2016, Vol.2

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Journal for maritime and limnic archaeology and cultural history
hrsg. v. Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterwasserarchäologie (DEGUWA)
16 th year, 2016, Vol. 1
ISSN 1436-3372

108 p., many figs.



  • Vorwort
  • Alessandro Pellegrini, GIS Technology. A support for the interpretation of submerged sites and ancient environment
  • Luka Bekic, Šimuni, ein neuer Unterwasserfundort aus der Bronzezeit in der Gespanschaft Zadar
  • Eugenia Loizou, Late Bronze Age Harbours in the Aegean Towards another theoretical approach
  • Alec Tilley, Same Boat - Same People?
  • Maja Grisonic - Irena Radic Rossi , Two lásana from the 4th century BC shipwreck at the island of Zirje, Croatia
  • Malgorzata Mileszczyk, The Lake Grid Dwelling Rybno I Impulse for New Interpretations
  • Morten Ravn, Social organisation on board Viking-Age longships. An experimental archaeological investigation
  • Eva Grossmann, The Nails of Apollonia/Arsuf, Israel Preliminary results
  • Maja Kaleb, Iron nails from the Veruda shipwreck in Croatia
  • Sieghard Wagener, The place of a rigging element of a 19th century brig
  • Jorit Wintjes, 160 Schiffe, die die Welt verändern. Kleine, hochseetüchtige Panzerschiffe 1860-1870
  • Vladimir Romanovich Chepelev, The Narva Boat. Another boat attributable to Tzar Peter I?
  • Miran Eric - Smiljan Glušcevic - Andrej Gaspari - Tomaž Gvozdanovic - David Pollack, The first low-cost stereo photogrammetric research on underwater archaeological
    sites in the Adriatic sea. A contribution to the history of the 3D documentation in underwater archaeology
  • Christoph Börker, Ein Verbrechen auf hoher See. Miszelle zur antiken Nautik
  • Das Bücherbrett

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