Theobald Kerner • Natur und Frieden

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Theobald Kerner Natur und Frieden
Hrsg. von Michaela Köhler
ISBN 978-3-86372-054-4
140 S., 6 figs.

In 1859, in the midst of a period of tremendous technological progress, Theobald Kerner not only 
wrote a wistful review of the bygone era of Romanticism with the stories of the booklet 
"Nature and Peace" - he also ventured a forward-looking look into the future, which should remind people
not to abandon  the roots of their existence.
For the further away man is from creation, the more  not only he suffers, but also suffers the helpless creature, 
the plants, the animals, for which man should be responsible.
A reminder from the past - as relevant today as it was 150 years ago.

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